Mosaic Family

Normal is broken.

Leading by example we are spreading the message of sustainable business.  

Simply put, The Mosaic Family of Companies is an employee-owned provider of awesomized customer experiences. We are proud of the services we provide, the team we stand shoulder to shoulder with, and the positive impact we have on the people we work with and for.  

Mosaic’s corporate culture was developed around the belief that employees cannot and should not be regarded as tools for making profit, but rather as PEOPLE each with unique gifts and talents, all looking to find what they do best and purpose in their work. Gone are the days of the industrial revolution where profit was king and money could buy a person’s hands and back. In today’s era of the knowledge worker, the competitive advantage is found in engaging heads and hearts.  

For us, work is a place we can bring our WHOLE selves…a place to learn and grow and make a meaningful contribution. The resulting positive change in our own lives make us each ambassadors for change that has reached beyond the products and services of the Mosaic organizations.






EcoAmmo is an employee owned environmental consulting firm that arms construction companies and corporations with the knowledge and support required to make their transition towards environmental sustainability. We act as project managers and guides, making the sustainable transition easier, less time consuming, less financially taxing and dare we say it…. FUN!



Oil Country Engineering is an employee owned land-based drilling rig design consulting firms that delivers industry leading engineering and manufacturing solutions to provide manufacturers, owners and operators, throughout the world, with an enduring competitive advantage. Our unique business model enables us to hire the very best talent and provide our people with challenging and highly rewarding careers. This translates into an exceptional customer experience, unlike any other in the industry.