LEED Facilitation, Education & Third Party Documentation Review


The EcoAmmo team is committed to making building certifications easier, less time consuming, less financially taxing and dare we say it...FUN! We are experienced in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional project certification, with our primary focus on LEED, Living Building Challenge, Green Globes, BOMA BESt and Energy Star.

Certification Support and Clean-up

In a market where turnover is constant, green building certifications can get messy, fast. EcoAmmo is available to support your in-house team when time is tight, or to hop right in and adopt the role as prime facilitator for the remainder of the project. Let us be the squeaky wheel to collect and review what’s needed for certification.

Please Complete our "Pre-Project" Questionnaire 
It will help us better understand your project and to develop a fee based on your needs.

Our LEED Facilitation & Documentation services consist of:
  • Ongoing review of drawings and meeting minutes during design phase to identify potential problem areas prior to construction.
  • Tracking all LEED progress from each project team member.
  • Providing individual LEED credit lists to all the project team members. Project Team members are to refer to this credit list while completing LEED Letter Templates.
  • Collecting all submittals including LEED® Letter Templates and incorporating them into a Master LEED document for the project.
  • Final submission preparation including coordination of Contractor/Consultant/Client submission materials.
  • EcoAmmo will provide the client with an electronic copy of the final submission in .pdf format for file/record purposes.



EcoAmmo also attends regular design and construction meetings to keep the LEED documentation on track and answer any questions as they arise.

EcoAmmo is a member in good standing of both the Canadian and US Green Building Councils, and the Alberta Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council.  Our team of professionals are either LEED Accredited or working towards their accreditation.