Rave Reviews

"Their enthusiasm is great. I sourced everything from caulking to street lighting with EcoAmmo guiding me on the right path. They have the know-how and enthusiasm and really helped steer some of my suppliers in the right direction. Stephani (Carter) was very responsive and helpful."

~ Michal Wasuita, Pine Bungalows


"[We] met to go over the report for the office. It was SO good. Thank you for all the work that went into it. It has given a lot of food for though and some great ideas of how we can continue on our path to sustainability. I really enjoy how practical and readable it was. You guys have a knack for taking what could be totally overwhelming and making it simple and easily applicable. I’m so glad there are companies like yours in the world!"

~ Christy Cuku, BSc.Pharm, Director, Oil Country Engineering Services Ltd.


"Stephani Carter is on track to becoming “the expert” on the stuff that buildings and furnishings are made of. Her youthful and enthusiastic presentation at our Build Saskatchewan Green conference was delivered in an entertaining and professional manner."

~ Murray Guy MBA, P.Eng. LEED AP, President, Integrated Designs


"Stephani is a Sustainable Building Material specialist of the highest caliber, who meticulously researches and compiles information based on our requests and materials provided. Her work is thorough, well thought out and directed towards what we need for our success in the industry. She is an elegant speaker who knows how to educate, keep the attention of a large room and inspire us to be passionate about the information she is delivering."

~ Celeste Thiesen – IDT, CTR Specification Consultant, Richelieu Hardware (now with Shaw Contract Group)



"In a packed session Stephani showed her trademark combination of passionate alignment between her personal environmental values and the practical solutions needed today in addressing the built environment. Feedback from the session indicates that Stephani Carter will be a speaker in demand for her inspirational positive attitude and for her delivery of practical hard information of use in today’s workplace."

~ J.E. (Jolie) Whetzel, MCIP, Sustainable Building Symposium Steering Committee Member



"Stephani’s presentation was one of our best attended events yet. We have received many positive comments on the presentation and would definitely invite Stephani back in the future, to update us on her endeavours."

~ Robyn Klein Chapter Leader, Young Environmental Professionals Edmonton


"Brandy, I just wanted to let you know that I received some amazing feedback after your presentation last night. Everyone found the presentation informative, and it helped everyone out in their respective fields, they had fun and one fellow even said that he would adjust his presentations to emulate you! That's why I love having you and Stephani come out - you both inspire people and that's exactly what our industry needs. It was a really great way to end the CSC presentation year - thank you so much Brandy!"

~ Celeste Thiesen - IDT, CTR, LEED A.P., Contract Specialist, Shaw Contract Group



"Brandy, I just have to say that I am really enjoying this class. I wasn't sure what to expect but I have been pleasantly surprised. The information and the discussions have really opened my eyes to a lot of different ideals and possibilities not just about the design process but lifestyle in general. I feel much more aware of some of the "issues" and topics that in the past I knew existed but really didn't put much thought into.Thanks."

~ Nathalie (Faculty of Extension Green Design Student)



"Brandy, I just wanted to thank you for being such a great instructor... You are truly giving back by spreading your passion about Green Design. I am truly more inspired."

~ Janette (Faculty of Extension Green Design Student)



"Also just wanted to say thank you very much for sharing all of your incredible knowledge with me Brandy. I can't give you enough praise. Your passion for our planet is contagious; I want to share what I know with everyone!! "

~ Deby (Faculty of Extension Green Design Student)